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The Foundation Of India Studies
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India Studies
Why at the University of Houston
UH International Diversity
  • 55,000 students from over 100 countries
  • International Faculty
  • International Community
UH Institutional Commitment:
  • Strong international academic programs
  • Excellent research facilities
  • Strong administrative support
Public University
  • Strong community ties
  • Affordable
  • Accessible
  • Grants from charitable foundation and corporations and donations from the community
  • Annual fund raising
Dr. Renu Kheter, President, University of Houston
"I Fully support the India Studies Program. There is no better way to prepare our student for the global marketplace than to bring in contact with the world's cultures."
Anise Parker, Mayor of Houston
"This program fosters great cross cultural exchange and educational opportunities for students and the citizens of Houston "
Sanjiv Arora, Consul General of India
"India Studies program will not only increase awareness about. India's rich cultural diversity, but also strengthens the friendship and cooperation between India and the United states."
Dr. John Roberts
"The India Studies program at the University of Houston is refreshingly timely, focusing much-needed attention on a complex and fascinating part of the world that countries to grow more important to the United States."
As a pre-eminent public university in this global city, University of Houston is commited to the study of world cultures, promotion of global commerece and enhancement of international understanding. India Studies program promotes teaching and scholarship focused
on the history, politics, economics, language and culture of India.
The Oral History Project
The Indo-American Oral History project is an initiative of the Foundation for India Studies in collaboration with Houston Public Library.
It is a project which engages members of the Indo-American community of Houston, Texas, to document in their own words their life stories, achievements and experiences as first generation immigrants.
The objective of this project is to preserve the history of the first generation Indian immigrants who migrated to Houston in the early sixties and seventies and have made significant contributions to enrich the quality of life in the City of Houston.
This material will be made available on Internet to researchers, educationists, historians and future generations, of Indo-Americans to trace their roots.
Contribute to India Studies
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Dr. John Roberts,
Dean, College of Liberal Arts & Social Sciences
MCL/India Studies Program
#402 Agnes Arnold Hall
Houston, TX 770004-3000
Phone: 713-743-4007
Krishna Vavilala,
Chairman, Foundation for India Studies
Phone: 713-795-5169
Mailing Address: 9827 Emnora Lane,
Houston, TX 77080
Culture, Education, and Exploration
  • Courses inlanguages, arts, culture,history, religion, and the economy
  • Support research on India's diverse cuture, languages and art
  • University and community conferences
  • Distinguished Lecture Series, Symposia,
  • Conferences and workshops
  • Outreach programs and partnerships
  • Scholorships
  • Student and Faculty Exchange Programs with universities in India
  • Study tours to India
  • Know-India quiz contest for students
  • Sponsorship of artists to and from India
Long-Term Goal
The long term goal of the Foundation is to eatablish and Endowe Chair at the university of Houston starting with introduction of sufficient number of India related courses at the university where students would have the option to take a certificate course or a minor course in India studies that would be available to then after completing a minimum number of credits in India related courses such as Anthropology, Sociology, Art, Indian History or Hindi langugage etc.
This honor would be cited in their certificate or degree, recognizing them as participants in the University of Houston's India Studies Program
Bringing India
closer through education
Phone: 713-795-5169 or 713-743-2992 | Email: